It has been awhile since I have updated my web page to accommodate all of the new electronic gizmos out there.  This site should do it and make things more convenient.

The photographs on this website might look slightly different than the originals due to the fact that not all screens and displays are calibrated and the viewer’s background lighting will be different.  Just keep that in mind while viewing the photographs.  They should be real close though.

Some of the images uploaded to the site do not have the pricing added yet.  If you would like a print and the size or price is not listed, please send me a message from this site and inquire.  I will get back with you as soon as possible.  I am working very hard to add pricing to each photograph but it does take time.

In the near future, I am planning to offer some basic frames and other types of prints such as metal and acrylic to my product line.  I will keep you updated.

Please visit my site often since I will be constantly adding new photos and new products.  I have been at this a long time and have many photos to upload.



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